Thursday, May 3, 2007

Winding Down Comments

  • Discuss THREE of your colleague's websites (final projects or blogs), and what you think are their best features or the point of view.
  • I think it's neat how people develop confidence over time. In the beginning Danby said, "The reason why is that computer is really difficult so I feel like, If I do something wrong, my computer will be broken!! and another's English~!!English bothers me. I hope it's getting better little by little while I'm taking this class~!". Over time her projects turned out so well! By the end the blog was great. It has a clarinet song playing, pictures, video, and flash animations. How cool.
    I noticed had a cool design. The concept of a tour of the city is a nice one. I think that she and I have the same startlogic host the vDeck logo keeps appearing. I think it's great that she actually got the guest book to work...I couldn't seem to manage that feature with our host.
    This concept turned out nicely. Domenica, you seemed a little uncertain in class, but it turned out so well. I love how the different vertical texts fade in and move slightly with the mouse-overs.
  • Evaluate this course in the context of your own progress and development and speculate on what you might do to further your learning and understanding of technology in performing arts or music education, and how it might apply to your future teaching or art/music making.
  • Flash and Dreamweaver were something that I always wanted to learn. I've dragged my way through Live, a little Frontpage, and some iWeb. Sometimes the options in Dreamwaver seem so overwhelming, and I wish it were a tad more intuitive...but then it wouldn't be Dreamweaver. Flash sometimes throws me. I've been working with AfterEffects, and a little Poser. Sometimes I expect the keyframes, and associated functions to behave in a way consistent with what I know...sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. I feel like I've got a better grip now. It's funny that you asked us to comment on music ed. and its use; I have two kids begging me to show them flash. I finally feel confidant enough to get them started. On a slightly unrelated note...I've been working on a film scoring project. Another teacher and his kids are creating the film, and my kids are creating the score. As a result, I've received some Final Cut training...way cool!

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