Thursday, May 3, 2007

Using eChalk with Students

It seems like every school hosts their website with eChalk. Many NYCDOE schools do, and so do a lot in the suburbs. I was speaking to Sandy Scrag, of the Teachers Network, about this and she explained. Apparently eChalk used to be free, and then after everyone set up their free website they started charging money (cute trick-if true). Our school has a site hosted by eChalk. I remember when we did the training, some of my colleagues thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, and others were scared to death. I find that in classes where literacy levels are adequate, and most of the class is comfortable with the English Language, it is a great tool. I post information for two classes: Electronic Music Composition, and Music Technology II. The resources section is great. I find that some students need reminders with some of the same skills, such as cabling Logic's environment window, and all I have to do is post the notes and it saves tons of time. Here is the link to my school's eChalk site. When you get to the page, select "class pages"->"music"->pick either of: Electronic Music Composition&Music Tech.II

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