Thursday, May 3, 2007

Blogs and Instruction

So I've been teaching music technology with computers for the last four years. It's been interesting to watch the students adapt to the social communication scene. I noticed my student's inclination to view social blogs about one and a half years ago. There have been a number of trendy sites they've visited since then. It started out with the sconex craze. Everyone was on sconex. It allowed only students to post and was sorted by school. When this academic years began, I noticed that everyone was on MySpace. This still seems to be the craze. Since the NYC DOE doesn't allow social websites, someone created so that students could meander their way around the firewall. Is this interest helpful? It's hard to say. I have met some colleagues that keep blogs for their classes as an instructional tool. I decided that I'd start one for the kids, and see how it goes. Here is the address: